Tuesday, February 18th 2020 Maureen White went LIVE with Shawn & Sue to talk about our office and why our weight loss program is so successful!

What a great morning today being interviewed on WOBM, 92.7 by Shawn and Sue!  Being able to share our passion for drug-free alternative healing therapies and hearing that Shawn and Sue share that same passion was very exciting!

We want people to know that there are very effective ways to achieve pain relief, weight loss, and healing without the use of drugs and surgery!  Although there is a place for drugs and surgery in some cases, it’s important that people be educated on the different options available to them to try FIRST that won’t be invasive in nature or result in side effects or opoid addiction. We are excited to offer so many of these services in one place at Ocean Integrated Wellness Center! Check us out!

If you missed us on air, click below to hear our interview with Shawn & Sue! We will be live on the air most Tuesday mornings at 7:40 AM beginning March 10th, so keep an ear out for us!

Live on the air 2.18.20 on 92.7 WOBM