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Do Epidurals Work?

First it is important to understand what an epidural is and why it is used. First it is important to note that they are only about 50% effective at best and they are usually temporary*. They can last 1 week or at best a year*. It is also important to note that you are limited to the number of these injects you can receive*.

An epidural is simple an anti inflammatory, steroid, injection into the spine at the level of the problem. The idea is if the there can be a reduction of swelling and inflammatory proteins there can be a reduction in pain. Sounds great, but why does it only work for so few people and last for such a short time.

The problem is it is not addressing the cause of the problem only the symptom. When there is a disc bulge or herniation there is a mechanical problem within the spine. If this is not corrected, injection steroids into the area will never completely and wholly fix the problem. It is like spraying oil on a squeaking hinge. Yes the squeak goes away for a short while but then it reappears because the problem is in the hinge and unless that is repaired you will never have quiet.

So how do we repair a bulging or herniated disc? There are numerous ways to do this without dangerous surgery or drugs, employing a technic call decompression. Utilizing an advanced computerized table we can restore normalcy to a bulging area quickly and safely. Imagine returning to your daily activities without the pain. Having freedom of motion with the ability to do what you could do before the pain.

Yes this works for back pain, sciatic pain, herniated disc, bulging disc and more. Safe, effective and painless way to restore your back or neck to normal.