Testimonials - Non-Surgical Non-Drug Back Pain Health Care


Mr (Steve) Lassen is kind, courteous, warm, professional, intuitive, empathetic, sympathetic, and goes out of his way to help my patients. I have seen real, clinical results in my patients he has treated throughout the many years of our association, and I have found him to be an invaluable asset to my practice.” -Scott Roseff, MD, Director of West Essex Center for Advanced Reproductive Endocrinology and Professor at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ.

“I went through the IVF process beginning in March. I have been seeing Steve since February. My Egg retrieval was on April 13th, when 37 eggs were retrieved. I strongly believe this was in part due to the treatment I received through acupuncture. Out of the 37, 30 fertilized and 8 made it to strong embryos. I had two embryos transferred and again, in part, due to acupuncture, I am 12 weeks pregnant with one healthy fetus. I recommend acupuncture to all of my friends, Especially Steve. He does an excellent job explaining what I need to do and I believe he helped this little miracle happen.”-Erin M

“The team at N.J. Community Spine and Pain has been using the Kinesio® Taping method and therapy, it has just about been a miracle. I came in limping and after treatment I was basically running down the hallway.” -Carolyn W.

“When I first started treatment my back, neck and knees ached. After going through a treatment plan with the doctors I have improved by 90%. I feel great.”-Maureen E.

“My shoulder was in constant pain. After being treated by Dr. Giardina I am virtually pain free.”-Joe F.

“I am an avid biker and had an accident about 1 year ago. I had seen multiple doctors with no results. After working with the doctors at N.J. Community Spine and Pain, I am back on my bike and living with less pain than ever.” -Anthony M.

“Seven years ago I was in a car accident that caused me constant pain. After seeing 22 doctors with little result I was referred to Dr. Giardina. I can now get through every day without pain and enjoy life. I highly recommend N.J. Community Spine and Pain to anyone that needs help.” -Kaitlyn S.

“I have been to other facilities and they did not help me. But the Doctors at N.J. Community Spine and Pain have done a wonderful job for me and I finally have full mobility in my shoulder.”-John H.

“Dr. Vince has been treating me and has given me exercises to do at home to strengthen my back, I now have increased mobility in my lower back.” -Grace D.

“About 6 weeks ago I was unable to stand the pain in my neck. I was in so much pain that I could hardly function at work or at home. Through my therapy with the doctors at N.J Community Spine and Pain everything has turned around, and I can now lead a normal life.” -Kathleen A.

“I had chronic back and knee pain. The doctors are caring, passionate, motivated and they give you the tools to move ahead to lead a fulfilling life.” -Christine S.

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