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sciatic nerve and nerve pain

Many people suffer from sciatic pain. It is pain coming from your back when pressure is compressing the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the largest and longest spinal never in the body. It exits from the spine in the low back running through the buttocks and into the thighs. As with all nerves it transmits signals from the muscles and skin of the thigh, lower legs and feet.

The sciatic nerve delivers both motor and sensory information enabling movement and feeling from the thigh, knee, calf, ankle foot and toes.

Since the sciatic nerve runs from the spinal column, disc bulging can press against the nerve causing what is known as sciatic pain. As the disc pushes against the nerve it will cause pressure on the nerve which can lead to “pinching” of the nerve.

This will cause the nerve to become inflamed and release chemicals that are irritating increasing the pain signal. As the nerve continues to be compressed it will degrade and the signal that travels along the nerve will be inhibited. This can lead to difficulty walking, sitting, standing, and bending which will lead to difficulty performing your daily activities. Allowed to continue without proper intervention you may need access to a cane, walker or in worse case scenarios a wheelchair.

Surgical Option

Many people opt for surgery. Fortunately for 50% of the people who try it they have a successful outcome. Unfortunately for the other 50% the outcome is not successful. They have a term for this “Failed back surgery syndrome”. The problem with this is once the surgery is performed if it is unsuccessful there is nothing more that can be done.

Failed back surgery leaves you at best with the same pain you had prior to the surgery and at worst in more pain.

Non-Surgical Option

Should you be faced with back pain from either the neck or low back the best and safest method of reducing pain is decompression. We use decompression at Ocean Integrated Wellness with a 95% success rate. Saves you from failed back surgery, addicting drugs, and dangerous procedures.

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