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Russian Stim

Russian Stim for treatment of Muscle Ailments

Russian Stimulation is very similar to regular Electronic Stimulation (EMS), in that they both strengthen targeted muscles. Compared to regular stim, Russian Stimulation has a higher frequency of 2,500HZ. This higher frequency allows for a deeper, stronger, yet comfortable penetration to the muscle. It was originally developed by the Russian Olympic team intended for building muscle mass on their athletes. Russian stimulation is now more often used to re-build atrophied muscle mass and reduce edema of injured soft tissue. Russian Stimulation is designed to stimulate motor nerves at a frequency of 2500Hz allowing for deeper muscle penetration and a more complete/stronger contraction of the muscle fibers. This form of stimulation relieves muscle spasms and is beneficial for elderly patients and those suffering from scoliosis.

Brief History of Russian Stimulation

Electronic Muscle Stimulation became very popular after the 1972 Olympics when the USSR swept up a bunch of gold and silver medals. Dr. Yaakov Kots implemented EMS training with many of the Soviet Olympic athletes and he reported that this training resulted in strength gains of up to 40%. Dr. Kots primarily used the frequency of 2,500HZ on his athletes. The benefits of this type training were noticed worldwide, and the term “Russian Stimulation” was coined. To this day, Russian Stimulation is widely used by world-class athletes and bodybuilders.

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