Tuesday, March 10th 2020 Tanya Giardina went LIVE with Shawn & Sue on 92.7 WOBM to talk about boosting your immune system naturally with the power of essential oils!

Today we shared our passion for boosting immune systems through all of our services and specifically utilizing the power of our Young Living Essential Oils. We talked for a while about the Thieves blend and how it can boost your overall wellness whether you are cleaning your house with it, washing your hands with it, or spritzing it on all your household surfaces. It is plant-based and a super healthy alternative to toxic/harsh chemicals. Imagine supporting your body while you clean rather than compromising your health with harsh chemicals!!

We are all about healthy lifestyle choices; supporting and strengthening the body through nutrition, preventative care, and the power of essential oils. Pain and panic serve no one, friends. Now is the time to take steps to create a healthy lifestyle that boosts and maintains a healthy immune system. So, make that CHIROPRACTIC appointment to rid yourself of pain, make that ACUPUNCTURE appointment to reduce inflammation, schedule that WEIGHT LOSS consult to change your lifestyle and fortify your body, schedule that THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE to keep your body feeling balanced, get into the INFRARED SAUNA to detox all those pollutants from your system, and attend our next ESSENTIAL OILS workshop to learn how to boost your overall wellness throughout your entire home.

If you missed us on air, click below to hear our interview with Shawn & Sue! We will be live on the air most Tuesday mornings at 7:40 AM, so listen in!

We are also holding a class here at Ocean Integrated Wellness Center, All About Thieves, on March 31st 2020 at 6PM. This class will teach you about the power of thieves, the many applications and uses for thieves, and you will also be able to make some products to take home to use for yourself! For more information and to sign up for this class click the link below.