“Live Life Happier” Workshops by Maureen White

April 2020 Workshop


Trying to lose weight and adopt a new, healthier lifestyle is a process that takes time and can be very frustrating.  This 4 week workshop has been designed to help you know how to take control of your mind and teaches you powerful techniques to keep you strong and engaged in the weight loss process.  The group is capped at 10 participants to promote a more comfortable, trusting environment allowing us to draw on each other for support, wisdom, and inspiration.  You will start the internal process of learning more about yourself, and through powerful, relaxing, guided visualizations, group discussions, and individual and group exercises, you will leave the workshop better equipped to move from your current struggle to success!

This workshop will occur during April 2020 but please register as soon as possible to ensure a spot. Once everyone is registered for the workshop we will schedule the 4 weeks based on everyone’s availability.

The cost of this workshop is $100, payable in full by cash, check, or credit card prior to the start of the workshop. No refunds.

Workshop Outline

Session 1:  Developing Self Awareness and Vision

Session 2:  Practicing Thought Awareness and Control; Building Mental Strength

Session 3:  Time for an Attitude Adjustment!

Session 4: Emotional Eating and Sugar/Carb Addiction