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Failing to treat the root source of pain after an accident!

Most non-specialist doctors believe the way to treat a serious accident injury is to pump you full of drugs, treating the symptoms of the problem. That’s like taking a shot of whisky to cure a headache. This doesn’t solve the actual problem. Rather, it only masks the problem temporarily. This is what medical drugs do. After the drugs wear off, you’re still left with the problem. Many doctors who are not professional trained in the science of pain-relief management falsely believe that such recurring pain can be treated (or “cured”) by prescribing medicine. The flawed logic in this method and thinking has left many patients enduring and worsening their injuries over time as left untreated.

Consulting with a doctor who DOES NOT specialize in fast, effective pain relief for motor vehicle accident injuries!

It’s very difficult to find a doctor who is specially trained in the science of pain relief management. That is why NJ Community Spine and Pain Center is here to help take away the stress of finding the right pain management facility.

  1. We understand accident-related injuries and recognize the “hidden” signs to predict if serious injury exists.
  2. We understand effective methods to treat accident-related injuries that are preferably pain-free and surgery-free.
  3. We continually educate and learn about the latest discoveries in pain relief & accident-related injuries
  4. Most importantly, we understand how to treat your injuries at its root cause.

Failing to take immediate action when your body sends “pain signals” after an accident!

The top reason why most people suffer from long-term chronic pain is their failure to take immediate action after their bodies send them “pain signals” after being involved in an accident or other type of injury. The longer a victim waits to treat their pain, the worse the injuries grow over time. And often, when Toms River Car Accident victims wait too long to get evaluated and treated, their bodies have already sustained the injury and often too late to reverse the damages. For example, if you’ve been experiencing back pains every so often, and one day, you decide to bend over to lift up a box, your back may give out on an unsuspecting day.

Setting a visit to a pain management facility as a low priority after an accident

In relation to the third deadliest mistake, if a patient often has a habit of ignoring pain signals in their body by choosing to “rough it out” or “biting the bullet,” s/he most likely places his/her personal health as a low priority. Perhaps even after an accident, no matter how major or minor it was, this person may not care enough about his/her one and only body to take care of it.

This can prove to be very dangerous, and perhaps deadly in the most extreme cases, as injuries can worsen over time if not treated immediately. Chronic pain and illness may materialize from an initial injury and worsen into something more life-threatening if left untreated. Personal health is necessary to live your life with the freedom and joy you desire. You cannot properly function and undergo daily activities in your life without risking joy, freedom, and sense of personal worth if you are debilitated from your injuries and pain.  Don’t hesitate to call for when you are involved in a Toms River car accident and surrounding areas.

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