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Ocean Integrated Wellness Center, in Toms River, is home to the weight loss program that helps people struggling with weight loss and balancing out their lifestyle.

Ocean Integrated Wellness Center’s unique doctor-supervised weight loss program in Toms Riverdrives sustainable results — naturally and comfortably!

Lynne Gionattasio knew she had to do something. A year ago, following a knee injury she sustained six months earlier, “I found it harder and harder to walk,” said the 59-year-old Toms River resident and veteran nurse. At more than 250 pounds, “I knew I either had to get knee surgery or take weight off to relieve the pressure on my joints,” she said, “but I wasn’t about to sign on to another weight loss program that required me to count points or calories” — approaches that hadn’t appealed to her in the past.

Maureen White, Weight Loss Coach at Ocean Integrated Wellness Center, a comprehensive Toms River-based holistic wellness facility that opened in 2011, knows all too well what Gionattasio and so many others experience. “Many of our clients have tried a number of diet plans and often lose weight initially, but are unable to keep it off,” White said. “A lot of these programs play on people’s fears and take advantage of their desire to lose weight quickly by promoting the consumption of foods, supplements and/or chemicals that may enable them to lose weight in the short-term but at the expense of their long-term health or weight loss goals, leaving these individuals at their wit’s end frustrated and feeling hopeless.”

“The fact is, there’s no ‘magic bullet’ and our most successful weight loss clients are those who want to make a lifestyle change,” White said of Ocean Integrated Wellness Center’s unique ‘Healthy Living’ Program, an evidence-based, proven, time-tested, doctor-supervised weight loss program that utilizes the power of a personalized plan, nutrition-based education and caring motivational support to help each client comfortably and successfully lose weight the natural way, without the need for fad diets, surgery or supplements.

A Transformational Journey

Weight Loss Program at Ocean Integrated Wellness Center
Weight Loss Program at Ocean Integrated Wellness Center

Clients begin the process by scheduling a free consultation with White and/or Dr. Vince Giardina, founder and owner of Ocean Integrated Wellness Center. “We discuss the structure and features of the program, which is offered in four-4 month, six-6 month or 12-month installments based on the amount of weight the client wants to lose,” White said. In a follow-up two-hour session, “I’ll assess their current lifestyle habits, including diet, sleep, stress and many other factors to get a better understanding of their unique challenges and where they’re engaging in fat-storing versus fat-burning activities. It’s about uncovering opportunities to convert them into a ‘fat-burning machine.’”

While White noted that the program’s dietary component is largely the same (but can be customized if needed) for all clients, who range in age from teenagers to octogenarians and are anywhere from 15 to more than 150 pounds overweight, “We work with each client differently, meeting them where they’re at and partnering together in a comfortable process. We educate them on their program and diet, see them regularly, and work closely with them throughout their entire program journey, giving them the tools, motivation, and support needed to make sustainable lifestyle changes that they’ll be able to maintain long after the program ends — that’s the difference in our program.”

Offering further access to empowering educational seminars as well as a seasoned personal trainer who can add a customized exercise component that will help clients achieve their fitness goals safely, White said that the ‘Healthy Living’ Program has achieved extremely impressive results.

“Hundreds of people have benefitted from our program; average weight loss in the first week is seven 7 pounds and then 2 to 2½ pounds a week, or 10 pounds a month,” White said. “All of our clients have shared that they truly appreciated my support, motivation, and the way I held hold them accountable for their results; that personal relationship was we develop, they say, is everything.” Since starting the program in May 2017, “I’ve lost well over 60 pounds and did it easily,” said Gionattasio, who went from a size 22/24 to a 12/14. She doesn’t experience knee pain anymore and no longer requires medication for diabetes! “At Ocean Integrated Wellness, they don’t only address what you eat but why you eat it and help you change the way you think about food altogether. I’m now much more aware of what I’m putting in my mouth and how my body will metabolize it.” Attracted by this no-pressure approach and White’s nurturing and motivating style, Gionattasio is in the final month of her program and on her way to shedding another 20 pounds to meet her goal. “I can’t even express how valuable and beneficial this program is — it’s been life-changing for me,” she said. “It really works and will teach you things that you won’t forget.”

“Being overweight is often more mental than physical, so our Healthy Living Program will help you get your head in the game and keep you there,” White said. “We’re excited to support our clients through their weight-loss journey and witness the amazing transformation in their overall health, confidence and self-esteem.” If you’re mentally ready to make a lifestyle change, this is absolutely the answer to your health and weight loss prayers!”

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Founded in 2011, Ocean Integrated Wellness Center provides a comprehensive range of holistic health services designed to support its patients’ optimal health, from chiropractic care to acupuncture, massage, weight loss counseling and more. Ocean Integrated Wellness Center is located at 864 Route 37 West in Toms River. For more information on its unique, doctor-supervised “Healthy Living” weight loss program, call (732) 503-4079 or visit www.oceanintegrated.com.

— By Susan Bloom

 Maureen White, Weight Loss Coach at Ocean Integrated Wellness Center in Toms River (quoted)
 Lynn Gionattasio, Weight Loss Program Client (quoted)